From the shores of the superyacht haven Barcelona to the glitzy centuries old Marbella, the Spanish Coast spoils its superyacht visitors with a fascinating array of azure beauty and city-living. Whether eating tapas in old-town glamour or marvelling at  Barcelona's Gaudi architecture, each corner of the Spanish Coast has a little prize to be discovered. 

Party Perfect
Costa de Sol certainly lives up to its name. Enjoying an unheard-of 325 days of brilliant sunshine a year, this coastal paradise offers the perfect superyacht escape. Inviting crowds of fashionistas, ts party-favourite capital city of Malaga and Marbella offer the perfect nightlife to party from dusk till dawn. However,  it is not only the island that delivers sumptuous Spanigh nightlife. Beyond Barcelona's quirky cool architecture, it also invites young and energetic crowds to its electric nightlife, perfect for beach parties and Sangria till the early morning. Enclaves of lively bars and restaurants around the Gothic Quarter and El Born, ensuring that the city stays alive till the early morning.

A Luxury Haven
Marbella is a glitzy haven full of premier boutiques that will satisfy the heart of any fashionista. That is not all. It's centuries-old lanes lined with delicious tapas bars and tranquil pavement cafes invite you to enjoy a sunny-slice of Spanish living, even after hours of boutique luxury finds. After a day of shopping, retreat into Capobino Beach to bask under the sun in tranquility. The Marbella region also invites superyacht travellers to its old-town quarter for luxury brands, in-build into century old walls, making it a unique shopping experience for all to enjoy.

Paradise Scenes and Piella
Stretching south of Valencia, the Costa Blanca boasts some of the most dramatic scenery on Spain’s Mediterranean coastline. Alluring stretches of golden beaches, sheer cliffs, serene villages and a vibrant nightlife are the recognised attractions synonymous with Costa Blanca. Food aficionados have come to the right place when it comes to the Spanish Coast. Valencia is the birthplace of the ubiquitous Spanish dish, paella. Whether you're already a fan of this native recipe or looking to have your first glorious taste, this is the perfect spot to dive in. Superyacht travellers can expect to be well acquainted with the hotspot Denia, a superyacht oasis south of Valencia, perfect for berthing and basking in the treasured beauty of the region.