AQUA is the groundbreaking new concept brought forward by Sinot Yacht Design in conjunction with Lateral Naval Architects.

Presented at the 2019 Monaco Yacht Show, AQUA proposes a revolutionary shift in the landscape of yachting. Awaiting a visionary owner ready to make this change, AQUA is born from the concept of ZERO - ZERO fuel, ZERO emissions. 

AQUA's Futurology platform embodies an overwhelming array of technological innovation onboard. Powered by liquified hydrogen, AQUA draws inspiration from developments in the commercial shipping industries to push forward her eco-conscious agenda. 28 tonnes of liquid hydrogen are carried onboard, stored at a temperature of -253 degrees celsius in vacuum insulated tanks. These fuel proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells, whose efficiency is much higher than diesel generators. Coupled with Lateral's TREADWATER propulsion system and an innovative new hull form, AQUA represents the shift the industry needs to become truly guilt free of our environmental conscience while providing the highest standard of performance to her Owner. 

In true Sinot signature style, AQUA couples eco-efficiency and performance with elegant and eye-catching design. A sleek and streamlined profile contains a spacious interior, where a central staircase connects all five decks.