Step on board. Your world is about to change. The soles of your feet against this smooth, warm deck are just the beginning of the sensations about to sweep you away on the Ocean Alexander 37L.

Inventive design drives a host of quiet wonders on the 37L. Ocean Alexander have put unexpected spaces to clever use. Its engineered surprising details that make life on the 37L pure pleasure.

Ocean Alexander have taken their alliance with Evan K. Marshall to a different level. The new 37L lets light pour in, opens interiors in entirely new ways, and beautifully reflects how owners and their guests really use a boat: for privacy, luxury and intimate entertaining.

Technology has become paramount in simplifying our daily lives and yacht's should be no different. Ocean Alexander has engaged with the finest system integration brought on from the aerospace industry and utilise Octoplex to command its vessels. The Octoplex system is not only believed to be the most sophisticated in the yacht industry, it is standard on all Ocean Alexander yachts and has been for nearly 15 years. Sophisticated, approachable, and designed for ease-of-use, this system has everyone in mind, it is as stunning as it is functional.