A Design Experience: M/Y Waku & FM Architettura d'Interni

By Christina Tsangaris

As the yachting world moves toward a new kind of era; where exploration and experience reigns supreme over statement and showiness, the world of interiors naturally follows suit. Benetti M/Y Waku encapsulates this, with everything owed to the interior talent FM Architettura d'Interni, proving how a space "feels" for an owner is every bit about design than build.

When in Italy
As if unquestionable, Italian shipyards remain world-class contenders in the world of yacht building. The Benetti stallion M/Y Waku launched in 2015, is the perfect canvas for this, offering 63.50-metres for FM Architettura d'Interni to create an interior living space with supreme sophistication. Yet, its ethos goes beyond simply the "ordinary" of interior stylings, shining the spotlight on Italian craftsmanship, experience here is key. 

Character Building
Marking a new chapter for the world of interiors, M/Y Waku is distinguished by a designers quest to bring unmistakable depth and personality, a natural pursuit for the talented design team responsible also for Lurssen's 65-metre Polar Star. When understanding how this concept is achieved it seems an answer not quite on the surface. It is the multiple elements and textures which have a story of their own, that allow a yacht interior to become just as much of an experience for its owner as any charted course,  where its distinguished features on their own create a sentimental statement, and together, marry almost organically. 

Unrivalled Craftsmanship
Where craft is concerned, the designers FM Architettura d'Interni fuse unrivalled precision and unsurpassed quality, showcase the best of Italian craftsmanship. Take its bar, a custom interwoven design in bronze creates a rich and distinct feature, with a fluidity and a warmth that adds sense of homeliness. It is artistic but not loud, with a flair of sophistication.

Calling its guests to lounge in supreme comfort, its seating, utilising the traditional technique of Sardinian hand weaving was applied with an FM original horizontal pattern; in turn, it modernised and matched with the motif of the vessel, offering a seamless fluidity throughout with the intricacy of Italian craftmanship. 

Material Adds Meaning
Shagreen material, delicately stretched over the form of a coffee table, an unexpected application, has significantly contributed to the palette of the room, adding to its sense of warmth, where golden hues come alive. The curving natural oak walls hand sculpted by artisans, means there is rarely ever a right angle, offering a unique experience through design that is rarely achieved with such abstract reverence.  Where other wall materials are introduced, such as silk georgette marble, they are crafted and inlayed to follow the continuous curves. Fluidity remaining its staple feature. 

Building on the relationship between design and experience, FM Architettura shares;

"As humans, we have an emotional response to space through touch. Our eyes are well trained, and we can see a space may look luxurious, but it is only when those textures are carefully integrated into our everyday touch do we really experience the space." 

By Christina Tsangaris
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