Bannenberg & Rowell Unveil New Scorpio Yacht Concept

By B. Roberts

In a major collaboration with CMN, Bannenberg & Rowell has produced a remarkable new 44m design with a distinctive exterior styling and an almost exo-skeletal structure.

Working together for the first time since the Acajou project, Bannenberg & Rowell and CMN have presented a project of unmistakable style and nature. Based on the French shipyards 44m platform, Scorpio features numerous unique design elements such as facets, chamfers and muscular changes of plane combined to create a dynamic effect and a futuristic structure on the foredeck.

Other distinctive elements include the scorpion-tail mast structure which acts as a crane for Jet-ski and launching tender alongside exterior dining space and a pool.

Interior spaces onboard have been maximized by CMN with smart thinking in relation to engine air requirements which Bannenberg & Rowell have utilized to offer open-plan living areas on the Main and Upper Decks.

Superyacht Scorpio is designed with her window placement, shape and treatment in key with her over all architecture and exterior characteristics but also designed to provide more light and an enhanced sense of space and ambience which is furthered by the interior. The large windows stretching across the owner’s suite will provide magnificent views out and let vast amounts of light in whilst adding to the yacht’s dynamism.

Bannenberg & Rowell has also informed us that the Scorpio superyacht concept will take 26 months from order to delivery, with volume coming in under 500GRT

By B. Roberts
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