Custom Line Unveils ‘New Dimension’ Superyacht Navetta 30

By George Bains

Progress in this industry is hard to suppress, as Ferretti Group brand Custom Line reveals details of the latest yacht in its displacement line, the new Navetta 30.

Heralding a ‘fresh chapter’, the Italian shipyard has offered something to look forward to once the boat show season resumes in autumn. The 28.43m Navetta 30 yacht, encompassing the very best of the Navetta range, will be presented as the first yacht with an interior design by the world-renowned Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel architecture firm, as well an exterior design by Filippo Salvetti.

Custom Line had added significant new technical and design features to the Navetta 30 in order to take it into what the shipyard has deemed a ‘new dimension’. Already revered for highly customisable and bespoke products, Custom Line has invested time and resources into the creation of an even more ground-breaking yacht, particularly in terms of its design.

The new Navetta 30 takes us into a new dimension in design,” says Stefano de Vivo, the Ferretti Group’s Chief Commercial Officer. “Due to the huge success enjoyed by the new Navetta generation, we want every new project to have the sensational verve of a masterpiece. The Navetta 30 meets this requirement and takes a stunning step forward in the quest to offer Owners and their guests incomparable well-being.”

The level of expertise behind the design is formidable. Ferretti Group’s Strategic Product Committee, headed by engineer Piero Ferrari, partnered with the Group’s Engineering Department on the project, while the design combination of a Filippo Salvetti exterior and interior by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel marks a first for Custom Line.

Navetta 30 features a classic superyacht profile that emphasises the stretched horizontal lines, making the vertical connections between decks seamless and unnoticed. A shortened drop from the upper deck superstructure to the Owner’s cabin has afforded the yacht a more streamlined shape compared to its predecessors, creating a sporty feel that owners will relish. Furthermore, the gap between the hull and superstructure has been created by raising the joints with the upper deck to form two clearly separate points, adding a unique and striking feature.

Filippo Salvetti, the architect behind Navetta 30’s revamped exterior profile, spoke proudly of the new design and emphasised the importance of fine balance. Salvetti stated that Navetta 30 “blends generous volumes with an attractive, graceful design whose classic charms will never grow old. It might have the capabilities of a ship, but it is full of harmoniously balanced visual appeal. It was essential to find the right balance between the hull and the superstructure and emphasise the way the external lines stretch out horizontally in order to add a little vivacious verve to this distinctive, complex creation.”

Salvetti’s exterior design features large glazed windows in both the hull and superstructure, as well as deck heights of more than 2 metres, all contributing the the spacious feel of the yacht. The outdoor spaces are perfect from all activity, from formal dining to relaxing, allowing the owner and guests to enjoy private time on board. Navetta 30 offers a three-deck structure, unprecedented for a yacht of its category. The main deck boasts a full beam Owner’s suite and lounge, while four VIP cabins and a crew area can be found on the lower deck. The upper deck hosts not only a luxurious dining and lounge area, but an exceptionally large sun deck.

The innovative interior design scheme developed by Citterio Viel has fused traditional maritime style with a contemporary twist. Modern features, including curved lines on the furniture and window frames, and a use of teak, have forged a timeless allure that is complemented by the “sporty chic” of the yacht’s carbon detailing.

Patricia Viel, co-founder of the Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel firm, stated that “the interior design was developed in partnership with the engineers and architects who designed the hull of the yacht. BIM enables us to control every single volume perfectly, thus ensuring that the lighting and interior design schemes fit in flawlessly around the shape of the hull.”

There will certainly be a lot of attention given to Navetta 30 when she is presented at yacht shows later this year, which brings us back to a standout moment for the superyacht brand in 2019. During the last Venice Boat Show, the Italian yacht builder exhibited the Custom Line 106' in sumptuous style, which led Ferretti CEO Alberto Galassi to label the brand as 'sexy'. 

Navetta 30 is a design that embodies Custom Line’s ambitions for the future, and we look forward to tracking the progress of Navetta 30 and seeing her at shows this autumn.

"The new Navetta 30 takes us into a new dimension in design."

Stefano de Vivo, Chief Commercial Officer of Ferretti Group


"The new Navetta 30 takes us into a new dimension in design."

Stefano de Vivo, Chief Commercial Officer of Ferretti Group
By George Bains
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