Espen Oeino On The Future of Large Yacht Design

By Ben Roberts

Espen Oeino, the influential designer who has worked on countless numbers of incredible yachts on the water and in the shipyard, joined us in London to discuss where he sees large yacht design heading in the future.

The designer of the 90m superyacht Global, which is currently under construction at the Lürssen Yachts shipyard, Espen Oeino holds a lot of sway in the industry with a portfolio of some of the greatest yachts on the water.

Before the Top 100 Forecast Preview Event, we took the opportunity to ask Espen exactly which direction he feels largest yacht design is heading over the next ten to fifteen years.

I think we’ve seen an enormous development over the last ten years,” starts Espen. “I think the race for the biggest will come to sort of a natural end. I think someone will certainly try to hit the 200 metre mark, but I don’t think beyond that people will wish to allocate the funds necessary to build them. I think that, just even talking of the time to build a yacht, 200 metres would just take too long.

Espen Oeino is a designer at the top of his game with a number of exciting projects in the yard as well as under his belt. “We’ve been doing 4 yachts above 100m now,” comments Espen. “We’re having another few under construction at the moment and these are four to five year projects.

Watch the full video to gain an in-depth insight into Espen Oeino’s views on the superyacht design sector or click here for one of the world's greatest designer's portfolio. 

By Ben Roberts
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