Fipa Group Announces Launch of New AB 140

By Ben Roberts

Fipa Group have announced the launch of the new 42-metre AB 140 in the Italian port of Marina di Carrara.

Using composites such as kevlar and carbon fibre, along with structural bonding agents derived from aeronautics, the AB 140 is billed as the result of a complex hydrodynamic and technological study designed to combine high performance levels with relatively moderate power.

Boasting three MTU engines producing 2600hp, and each coupled to 3 MJP waterjets, the vessel achieves a top speed of 46 knots without any vibrations or excessive noises.

The yacht’s interior is bright with dominant colours of white, while light wood is used in the panelling and furniture, combined with white leather.

The Lower Deck comprises two VIP cabins on the bow, one housing a double bed room and another with two sliding single beds that, when together, become a double bed plus one Pullman bed.

Also on the lower deck is the Owner Suite, where a large door opens up and to an impressive balcony with panoramic sea views.

Fipa was founded in 1980 by Francesco Guidetti and Mirna Santucci.

By Ben Roberts