Heesen Hybrid Project Electra Reaches New Construction Phase

By Anna Solomon

Heesen Yachts bring us an update on the progress of Project Electra: the hull and superstructure are now joined together. On 10 November, the Oss facility carried out this milestone construction phase on the 50m.

If the success the project’s predecessor, YN 17850 Home, is anything to go by, Electra will be a yacht of premium pedigree. She features a hybrid propulsion that combines diesel and electric - a progressive solution indicative of Heesen’s willingness to invest in smart technologies.

The industry clout and financial capabilities of Heesen puts them in a strong position to bring such products to the market; the globally regarded shipyard are committed to delivering cutting edge and full-custom options.

The combination approach onboard Project Electra promises reduced build times and financial savings for clients. Compared to a traditional diesel engine, the hybrid propulsion system is quieter and more fuel efficient. It also offers money-saving benefits, as the yacht can be operated in four different cruising modes.

Hybrid Mode allows two 127kW motors to quietly power the yacht as it cruises at a speed of 9 knots, whilst Economy Mode allows cruising at 9-12 knots with the main engines on and generators off meaning frugal fuel consumption of just 98 litres per hour. This also elongates the lifespan of the generator. Cruising Mode is the standard mode of travel at 12-15 knots, and finally Boost Mode allows the boat to deploy both the generator-powered shaft motors and the main engines cruise at its maximum speed of 16.3 knots.

On top of her technical prowess, Electra boasts an aesthetic yet functional design package expertly architected by Frank Laupman of Omega Architects. A distinctive vertical bow with spray rails, for example, is not only on-trend, but serves a functional purpose by providing buoyancy.

The yacht’s Cristiano Gatto interior emphasizes the indoor-outdoor connection, exuding organic shapes and natural shades. Spaces features low furniture and floor-to-ceiling windows that break down the boundaries between interior and exterior.

The improvement in alternative power systems evidenced by Project Electra represents the next landmark in the journey towards minimising environmental impact. Heesen’s hybrid engine is infinitely cleaner, quieter and more fuel efficient than traditional diesel power, and we can’t wait to see these claims substantiated when the project is delivered in 2020.

By Anna Solomon
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