Lürssen Yachts & Espen Oeino Talk Project Omar

By Ben Roberts

The combination of both Espen Oeino and Lürssen Yachts has contributed a large percentage of yachts to the Top 100 rankings. With the collaboration’s largest project to date heading for sea trials at the end of January, we spoke to Peter Lürssen and Espen Oeino to find out more about Project Omar and the relationship of design and construction.

Project Omar, the largest yacht in the world in terms of tonnage, is the latest collaboration between Espen Oeino and Lürssen Yachts. While discussing the yacht in question, we decided to find out a little more about the success behind the 20 year collaboration.

“The ingredients for a successful construction of a large yacht - i.e. 100m or more - lies in the ability to deliver to the client what they expect,” explains Peter Lürssen. “As a first form, to transfer their ideas into a design, and then build it. I think we’ve done projects together for almost 20 years, we joke about marriage ups and downs but we have more ups than downs. Amongst us we share 31 of the Top 100 yachts.”

“Knowing what you don’t know is almost as important as knowing what you do,” added Espen Oeino. “We know where our limits our and we know when we can talk to the others if we have an issue and I think that’s success.”

To learn more about Project Omar and the vessels emerging across 2016 from Lürssen and Espen, watch the above video.

By Ben Roberts
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