MYS: Espen Oeino on the Architecture of Exploration

By Ben Roberts

From the origins of the lines of Espen Oeino, one can only assume artistic elegance, a sleek and stylish stamp to some of the most notorious shipyards across the world. REV, the biggest project of the year, reflects this entirely. We’re joined at the Breaking News Centre by Espen Oeino himself to discuss all things exploration, as well as the design language redefining luxury as we know it.

The exploration market is growing, and at the head of the new project hype surrounding it is REV. This 180m+ project is designed for an owner with a deep connection to the ocean, and someone who proudly stands for conservation and change.

Able to explore the world with either charter guests or scientific crews, this research vessel-come-luxury yacht is a departure from the norm, the future flagship of the exploration trend and a reflection of the growing importance of oceanographic responsibility.

“The REV is quite a unique project that has an exploratory content in it,” explains Espen Oeino. “Science and research content that was designed to operate in a pretty much continuous bases with or without an owner on board. It does have aspects of yachting to it but for sure it will mostly be in the colder water with the tools and facilities to do ocean graphic exploration” continues Espen. “The other aspect of the vessel is to monitor pollution in the ocean.”

Espen also spoke to us about the ethos behind the shifting landscape of exploration, bringing owners back to basics and providing solutions with a simpler approach.

“This is a trend we have,going to more remote parts of the world,” adds Espen. “I think the explanation is that perhaps people are more into experiences few have done before them as well. People want to use the vessel for other things other than a holiday home and vacation”

For more information on the revolutions on the drawing board of Espen Oeino, the architecture changing life on board and the new push for adventure, watch the above video.

By Ben Roberts
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