MYS: Omega Architects on Technology and Nature

By Ben Roberts

Holo-decks, award-winning designs and futuristic takes on the lifestyle of superyacht owners and Captains is all in a day's work for Frank Laupman and the Omega Architects team. We catch up with the Founder of Omega Architects for a look at the sci-fi Bridge solution, as well as discussing the breakthrough debut of Heesen’s HOME.

One hundred years after the creation of a concept linking the world outside, with the world within, has been reintroduced to the superyacht sector with HOME. Recognised by the RINA organisation at the MYS Gala, HOME is not only hybrid, but has nature at it’s heart.

HOME is a hybrid vessel but for us as designers it’s great when it’s all about the environment," explains Frank Laupman, "when it’s all about the environment, we better show the environment. So the inside outside relationship has had a lot of attention, we put a lot of glass in there […] HOME is a combination of trying to be romantic but with rational aspects to the language as well.”

A different concept with technology and efficacy at it’s core is the Ultimate Bridge project, which turns the atypical Captain’s bridge and turns it into a control centre from the Star Trek universe.

“The Ultimate Bridge features a management tool like a super iPad," adds Laupman, "[It's] interactive, tries to combine tech and information with the fact it can, with people around it, you can manage the whole yacht in a pleasant and efficient way.”

This sleek, silver and spacious Bridge concept is the latest introduction from Omega Architects, is now set to be followed by new design collaborations from across Italy and major industry players in the world of yachting. Watch the full video for an insight into the future of Omega Architects.

By Ben Roberts
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