MYS16: Visionary Pursuits with Omega Architects

By Paul Joseph

Since we last spoke to Frank Laupman, CEO and Founder of Omega Architects, the company has been marking some spectacular design developments in the Superyacht industry. The future of yacht design is one that excites Frank, and he discusses the projects that are on the cards for 2017, alongside the tastes and trends keeping Omega among the forefront of superyacht visionaries.

“When people come to us, they’re already well-prepared, they know what to expect from us, so it’s not just about trends. We’re trying to seduce them with longer water lines, new bows, more beach club designs.”

“Our future is very much design oriented. We advise our clients but we’re not technical, we incorporate with good naval architects, mainly in Holland, and we really want to focus on the aesthetic design of the yacht, both interior and exterior.”

When adapting to the evolving desires of the client, Frank Laupman expands on just how Omega Architects remains fresh and inspired in order to tailor its services to the client.

“We’re trying to bring a client to Hessen, we want to be more client orientated and we’re trying to stay young. I have to think about the younger designers who want to take the work from me!”

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By Paul Joseph
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