Timur Bozca Teases New Inspiration Series of Superyachts

By George Bains

Award-winning studio Bozca Design boasts one of the most exciting and rapidly growing portfolios of next-generation superyachts. Timur Bozca’s vision for the future is unparalleled, and his cutting-edge designs have become instantly recognisable. Bozca’s latest series stays true to the fundamental pillars of his unique design philosophy, taking inspiration from nature to develop the superyachts of tomorrow.

The teaser video (see slider above) unveils that the first of Bozca’s upcoming Inspiration Series will tackle one of the beasts of the sea, the Shark. The series observes inspirational animals, structures and plants to apply their look, moves and character into superyacht design.

Since launching the studio in 2013, Timur Bozca has consistently claimed international plaudits for his innovative and aesthetically stimulating superyacht concepts. Bozca expertly blends futuristic aesthetics with advanced technology, while his shrewd attention to guest spaces ensures a perfect balance of luxury and individuality onboard.

55m sailing yacht Cauta firmly established the Turkish designer as a prestigious talent in the industry when he was crowned Young Designer of the Year in 2015. Fast forward a year and Bozca was again stepping up to the podium to receive accolades for his 19m luxury motoryacht Sarco. Both of these innovative concepts feature a lightweight carbon fibre structure, captivating aesthetic, high-performance engineering platform and extreme levels of onboard luxury for guests.

There is something else that these concepts also share in common. They are both inspired by nature. Cauta’s aerodynamic and hydrodynamic shape borrows from the Shy Albratross, a supremely evolved bird that is known to have mastered long-distance travel over some of the roughest ocean conditions. Sarco takes its name and inspiration from the Sarcosuchus Crocodile, a ferocious reptile given the nickname ‘SuperCroc’.  

These natural inspirations are embedded in the design and capabilities of the yachts. The curvaceous and efficient Cauta is capable of crossing the Atlantic in a very short time thanks to her optimum dynamics, lightweight structure and advanced engineering. Meanwhile, the sleek and sophisticated Sarco can reach impressive speeds of 53 knots, making her one of the fastest superyacht tenders available.

This focus on nature reflects Timur Bozca’s own passions, and his latest series promises to take this even further. A self-proclaimed nature addict, Bozca believes that some of the greatest sources of innovation can be found in the surrounding environment. “Nature is the world’s most effective designer,” says Bozca. “Millions of years of evolution have created some of the most sophisticated and efficient design solutions.

“Our inspiration often comes from the natural world and the animal kingdom. We also take design cues from art, sculpture, aeronautics and everyday life. By asking what nature would do, we find ingenious ways to make our vehicles more aerodynamic and more hydrodynamic, boost downforce, increase performance and improve handling.”

The Inspiration Series of superyachts will undoubtedly add more breathtakingly unique concepts to the Bozca Design portfolio. The next subjects being observed for the Inspiration Series include the Long-legged Buzzard and the endangered Wild Orchid. 

In 2019, Bozca unveiled the Top100 Oceanco concept Esquel, a 105m electric expedition yacht which is destined to cruise the most remote regions of the world while providing immense onboard liveability and luxury while.

With more and more owners demanding superyachts that can venture further and farther than before without relinquishing any standards of comfort, Timur Bozca is creating superyachts that are already living in the tomorrow.

"Nature is the world’s most effective designer."

Timur Bozca


"Nature is the world’s most effective designer."

Timur Bozca
By George Bains
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