Five of the Best: Celebrating 115 Years of Nobiskrug

By George Bains

Top100 Builder Nobiskrug is celebrating a landmark 115 years in operation since its inception in 1905. A strong history in the German naval sphere provided the foundations for Nobiskrug to become one of the most innovative superyacht builders in the world, and a true creator of dreams. To mark the occasion, we look back at five of our favourite Nobiskrug superyachts which have set the benchmark for vision and creativity in Superyacht design.

Before becoming pioneers of the luxury superyacht industry, the Nobiskrug brand had already earned a formidable pedigree in shipbuilding. In 1958, the delivery of 93m cargo vessel Bleichen was the catalyst for many significant builds to follow. These include 138m naval training ship Deutschland in 1963, dive support vessel Seabex One in 1981 and research icebreaker Polarstern in 1982.

Commemorating Nobiskrug’s journey over the past 115 years, current managing director Johan Valentijn praised the importance of people: “Central to Nobiskrug’s success is the integral contribution made by all of our valued employees, with whom we share this momentous 115th Anniversary, and all of our esteemed clients, partners and suppliers. Today we stand together, stronger than ever, and 115 years young.”

Nobiskrug stands as a testament that boundaries are there to be challenged, pushed, and ultimately broken with new and innovative ideas. The last 20 years has seen Nobiskrug contribute to both evolutions and revolutions in superyacht design, and we take a look at five of the best…

92m Tatoosh (2000)

There is no better place to start than with Nobiskrug’s very first superyacht, and one that to this day remains an icon on the waters.

Tatoosh was delivered in 2000 and marked the start of a new era of custom-built superyachts by Nobiskrug. While some of her fame may have derived from her high-profile owner, Tatoosh redefined the concept of a “floating palace” with her immense volume and long-range cruising ability.

12 guests can be accommodated in 11 staterooms across five luxurious decks, with her interior spaces formed from the pen of renowned designer Terence Disdale. The owner benefits from a large master suite and salon on the top deck, allowing them to feel totally detached when needed. For all those other times, Tatoosh is a superyacht brimming with entertainment. Her exciting amenities include a cinema, fully equipped gym, massage room, spa and heated contra-flow swimming pool. The attention paid to incorporating an expansive beach club and huge outdoor deck space shows that her design was ahead of her time, and very much in tune with the needs and wants of an owner.

143m Sailing Yacht A (2017)

No other Superyacht encapsulates Nobiskrug’s passion for ground-breaking and innovative ideas more so than Sailing Yacht A.

143m Sailing Yacht A is the epitome of a unique superyacht design. Aesthetically, she is a timeless masterpiece than will never sore the eyes. What is perhaps more staggering is the engineering and innovative platform behind the glorious profile.

Her mammoth structure holds a gross tonnage of 12.600 and her three masts are the tallest and most highly loaded freestanding composite structures in the world. Other features, notably her hybrid propulsion system, speak volumes for Nobiskrug’s forward-thinking approach to superyacht design.

68m Sycara V (2010)

Sycara V was met with international acclaim following her delivery in 2010. A sophisticated superyacht distinguished by her striking royal blue hull, Sycara V offers supreme luxury backed by a Nobiskrug platform that guarantees high-performance in all environments.

A successful charter superyacht, Sycara V can accommodate up to 20 guests in 8 staterooms, a purpose that was intended when she was merely an idea in a sketchbook. The bridge deck hosts an opulent and secluded Master Suite, while guests can enjoy luxurious amenities which include a beach club, gym and massage room. Sycara V exemplifies the Nobiskrug values of advanced technology and innovative design.

74m Mogambo (2012)

Mogambo’s sleek looking exterior profile is deceptive of her enormous size. The 73.51m superyacht was bespoke built to provide exquisite outdoor spaces for her owner and guests to enjoy. Her mid-grey hull and snow-white superstructure makes her a head-turner in any marina, enhancing the Reymond Langton designed lines for an eternal work of art.

The name ‘Mogambo’ has African origins and translates as “the Great”, certainly fitting for this superyacht. The African influence is also noticed in Langton’s interior design, which provides guests with sublimely comfortable surroundings and a warm ambience. As a superyacht intended for charter use, Nobiskrug ensured that the engineering on Mogambo was capable of dealing with the high demands of the sea while remaining smooth and comfortable for guests.  

80m Artefact (2020)

Nobiskrug’s hybrid superyacht Artefact was delivered to her owner in March of this year. The brief for Artefact was clear; design and build an iconic superyacht that can stand the test of time and be as breathtaking in 20 years’ time. To do this required an incredible amount of research and investment in new technologies and materials. The result was certainly worth the wait, and Artefact is larger in size and tonnage than any other yacht of her category. She has set the standards for how superyachts should cater to the modern owner, especially in her efficient propulsion system and her use of 50 tonnes of glass to offer guests an unprecedented connection to the outdoors.

Episode 5 of the Top100 SY Original series provdes a behind-the-scenes insight to the construction and development of this unique project.


Nobiskrug is certainly not a shipyard which dwells too much on the past, staying always on the front foot to convert the next dream into reality. The sighting of Project 794 as she was transferred from Kiel to Rendsburg for outfitting provided an early anniversary treat for the Nobiskrug family. With a full order book and the much-anticipated Black Shark progressing well in construction, who knows what could happen in the next 115 years of Nobiskrug?

"Today we stand together, stronger than ever, and 115 years young."

Johan Valentijn, Managing Director of Nobiskrug


"Today we stand together, stronger than ever, and 115 years young."

Johan Valentijn, Managing Director of Nobiskrug
By George Bains
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