Immediate Newbuild and Refit Opportunities with Full-Custom Specialist

By George Bains

As the 2022 Monaco Yacht Show approaches, there will no doubt be many owners considering their next newbuild superyacht. Finding the perfect build team to entrust with a project is always a meticulous process. However, a unique opportunity with Australia’s full-custom superyacht specialists will entice those who place a high value on quality, efficiency, and lead time.

Based just outside of Perth in Western Australia, Echo Yachts has made its mark on the superyacht industry with the delivery of award-winning, bespoke superyachts that reimagine the possibilities of life at sea. With an emphasis on championing efficient propulsion systems and platforms, Echo Yachts’ expert in-house teams build across all hull configurations and materials.

With the Echo Yachts team exhibiting at the Monaco Yacht Show this week, located on Quai Antoine Premier, this is a fantastic time to engage and understand more about the shipyard’s comprehensive offering.

Each and every project that Echo begin with a client is a unique, one-off build that guarantees a distinct personality on the water. This is certainly evident with the iconic trimaran superyacht White Rabbit, delivered in 2019.

Not only does White Rabbit strike a powerful image with her dramatic outer hulls, but her entire structure has been optimised to enhance both performance and comfort. The large beam, which provides expansive interior and exterior guest spaces, is also a major benefit of this particular platform. Echo Yachts’ aluminium trimaran superyachts have been shown to require 40% less propulsion power compared to traditional steel hull monohulls, cutting emissions and saving on fuel and running costs.

Although the successful deliveries of White Rabbit and Charley have both been multi-hull vessels, the configuration is entirely at the discretion of the prospective owner. Echo Yachts’ specialised in-house teams work across all hull configurations, and over the years have curated an extensive Design Collection in collaboration with some of the world’s finest names in design.

Featuring names like Bannenberg & Rowell in London and Sam Sorgiovanni in Perth, Echo’s collection encompasses everything from a 120m Trimaran to an 80m Explorer Yacht and 50m Adventure Catamaran.

These concepts give owners a sample of the immense possibilities at Echo Yachts, and an inspiration for their own superyacht projects. Echo offer all prospective owners a free initial design consultation between Echo, the owners and captains, as well as world-leading designers. These consultations are the starting point of a full-custom project, tailored to suit the client’s requirements across size, features, and style.  

Of importance, particularly when considering the well-documented shortage of build slots available at the major European shipyards, is the immediate availability to begin a newbuild with Echo Yachts.

While Echo has certainly made bespoke full-custom superyachts its speciality, the shipyard also excels in advanced refit and maintenance work. Over the last few years, there has been a significant increase in refit activity with Echo Yachts, including the recent return of White Rabbit and the visit of Galileo G. Currently, Echo have M/Y Latitude on site, with several others planned to visit the shipyard in 2023.

Drawing on all the expertise and infrastructure of a large superyacht manufacturer, superyachts have realised the incredible scope of refit work that can be undertaken at Echo. The starting point is the shipyard’s location at the Australian Marine Complex (AMC) in Henderson, Western Australia.

Echo Yachts’ large waterfront facility includes shipbuilding halls of up to 100m in length, along with an 800t slipway directly in front of the facility. As part of the AMC, Echo can also make use of an 8000t Syncrolift and 12000t floating dock, ensuring that it can cater to the largest yachts visiting the Southern Hemisphere.

As a custom superyacht builder, this experience and expertise also expands what Echo is able to accomplish with large-scale refit projects. Work over recent years has included the installation of a custom-designed helipad onboard a 58m explorer, requiring the removal of the aft end of the vessel. The in-house trades and expert project management teams ensures that there is a greater deal of control and flexibility with these projects, allowing Echo to provide a dynamic service and adapt to challenges.

For refit projects in particular, Echo’s location is on the doorsteps of some of the world’s most adventurous cruising grounds. South East Asia, the Indian Ocean, and the Kimberley region of Australia are all easily accessible from the shipyard and are incredible destinations for both the guests and crews to discover.

The rugged and remote Kimberley region was cast under the spotlight in the recent Australia InDepth series, with captains testifying to the truly unique cruising experience of this last natural frontier. Along the Western Australian coastline, there are spectacular cruising areas to visit when travelling to or from Echo, including memorable experiences such as diving with whale sharks on Ningaloo Reef. 

Echo Yachts will be in attendance at the Monaco Yacht Show this year, hosting evening drinks on Thursday 29th September at the exhibition zone on Quai Antoine Premier. For owners, captains, crew, and industry stakeholders, this is a great opportunity to learn more about the immediate world-class opportunities for new superyacht projects and cruising in Australia.

You can also dive behind the scenes with Echo Yachts in Series 2 of the Australia InDepth documentary series, as we visited the facility to learn about both Echo’s custom newbuild and refit capabilities.

By George Bains
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