Yacht Associations

Whether they pertain to a country, state, region or city, the Yachting Associations of the world have one main purpose: to promote the ease and enjoyment of yachting within the chosen area.

Yachting Associations are globally available and each was created to ensure that a safe, proactive environment exists for enthusiasts to enjoy premier yachting within an Association’s jurisdiction. In addition, Yachting Associations represent the freedoms within and responsibilities to their yachting domains as well as help raise the standards for sailing within their local areas and generally maintain themselves as the primary source for yachting information within their jurisdictions. This is accomplished by each Association having an elite crop of knowledgeable members, be they yacht brokers, dealers and/or agents, who aid prospective buyers and sellers through all stages of yacht ownership, both gaining and relinquishing.

Why choose a broker that is a member of a Yachting Professional Body?

Choosing a broker from a professional association for yacht brokers, dealers and/or agents means that the prospective buyer or seller is guaranteed to be dealing with experienced professionals who are required to keep their skills and knowledge of the market current. All members of these professional associations must abide by a strict code of conduct and ethics pertaining to their relations with the public and other members of yachting associations, all of it governed by an Ethics Committee. This ensures that the prospective buyer or seller will not be ‘played’ between opposing brokers or fed false information as the members of professional associations are held to maintaining an objective point of view and acting in a helpful and unobtrusive manner.

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